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The release of IE 7 and Firefox 2 allows us to gain insight into the behaviour of you, the Builder AU audience.

With the release of new versions of the two leading browsers within a short space of time, we have a unique chance to gain insight into the behaviour of you, the Builder AU audience.

Let's firstly take a look at the browser percentages themselves:

Without knowing off the top of your head or using google, can you tell the dates of IE 7 and Firefox 2 releases?

For Firefox it is easy to gain an idea, but IE 7 has been slowly raising its percentage points for months now - the release of it didn't even cause a spike.

Lesson #1: The Builder AU audience, if given the chance, will run the software that interests them long before the masses see it.

This is a good thing. IE 7 first appears in April in our stats, meaning that there was potentially 5 months for developers to get their sites IE 7 compatible.

For people that deny IE 7 compatibility as an issue, the carousel I made in this article has a nice dotted border around it and disappears after one rotation - yet the spartan feature complete version works perfectly.
This can only lead me to believe it is because I picked the elaborate effect for the carousel; if you are using scriptaclous it would be a good idea to double check for effects in IE 7.

Now let's take a look at the browsers grouped by vendor:

And what we have is that the elastic relationship that exists between Microsoft and Firefox continues.

Lesson #2: People are not switching. Despite the hype and buzz around it at the moment, there is no great shift one way or another.

All that appears to be happening is that Firefox users are upgrading from 1.5 to 2.0.

The next great shift I expect to see in these browser percentages is when IE 7 is pushed out via Automatic Updates.

Until that time it is clear to see that Builder AU readers are early adopters and happy with the choices they've made.