In a recent survey,’s editorial staff asked readers to rate their abilities, ranging from beginner to guru, on 31 technologies. If you think you can predict which products generated the most “expert” claims, you might be surprised. Here are some of the results that jumped out at me.

And the survey says…
Visual Basic 6.0 is not going anywhere
A whopping 58 percent of respondents defined themselves as VB experts. Even though the survey indicated an intense interest in .NET (no big surprise), Visual Basic 6.0 is alive and kicking—at least for now.

Database design is where it’s at
Database design scored high marks, with well over 40 percent of respondents identifying themselves as design experts. Given that databases drive almost all of the applications in the corporate world, I shouldn’t be surprised, but I was. Frankly, with all the buggy applications I’ve run into, I didn’t expect that many people to call themselves experts.

C++ is the granddaddy of them all
I think developer sites often neglect C++, in spite of the legion of C++ specialists in the workforce. In our survey, 60 percent of respondents said they have some experience with C++, and half of them rate their skill level as intermediate to advanced.

J2ME is not for me
The biggest disappointment in the results—for me, anyway—was the lack of interest in J2ME. Since Java was created to be portable to a number of devices, I expected J2ME to command a huge following. However, the survey results suggest otherwise, with 90 percent of respondents indicating that they’ve never used it.

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Overall, the survey confirmed many of my suspicions about the tools today’s software developers are using, but it also raised a number of interesting questions about future trends. You can read the complete results here, and then weigh in with your opinions.