We kicked off February with a bang at Builder.com. We began the month with our .NET Certification Week and followed up with even more valuable articles on a variety of topics. Here are the top 10 Builder.com articles for the month of February, as compiled by the Builder.com editorial team:

  1. “Make the most of HTTP headers”
  2. “Follow this five-step security testing process to bulletproof your app”
  3. “Avoid these Java threading gotchas”
  4. “The great ASP.NET code-behind debate”
  5. “Learning to play well together: Negotiating personality conflicts”
  6. “Use this Java framework for finite state machines”
  7. “Learn about the new .NET certification requirements”
  8. “Use body language to deliver your message”
  9. “OOP Java: A little business logic with your beans”
  10. “Beyond the basics: Test your ASP.NET knowledge”

Hot discussions
There were some interesting ideas exchanged in our discussion center. Here are some of the best picks for the month of February:

Product reviews
We know our members love product and book reviews, and we ran an unusually high number of these in February. In case you missed them the first time around, here they are:

What was your favorite?

Which Builder.com article or discussion was your favorite this month? Let the editors know about any articles you particularly enjoyed, and be sure to tell us why.

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