Learn the basics of JavaScript with a Builder QuickStart

JavaScript has quickly become a ubiquitous part of World
Wide Web infrastructure. Very few Web sites of any sophistication can operate
without the benefit of this technology. The Builder QuickStart
Tool: JavaScript

will give you the information you need to take advantage of what JavaScript has
to offer.


The Builder QuickStart Tool: JavaScript explains how the ECMA released the first edition
of the ECMAScript Language Specification in an effort to standardize the
JavaScript technology. As an interpreted language, JavaScript requires
an interpreter to execute, and, therefore, does not need to be compiled like
many programming languages. This makes JavaScript ideal for client-side
processing in Web applications, and is why most modern Web browsers have
built-in JavaScript interpreters.

To acquaint you with JavaScript syntax, the Builder
QuickStart Tool: JavaScript presents the basic “Hello World” program,
as shown in this excerpt:

Hello World program

Here is the simplest form of a “Hello World”
program using client-side JavaScript:

 <SCRIPT language="JavaScript"> 
 document.write("Hello World!");

Save it as “HelloWorld.html” and open it in a
modern browser to see it execute.

The Builder QuickStart Tool: JavaScript then takes the
“Hello World” program one step further by showing you how to use
event handlers and buttons to make a more substantial user experience.

Download it now

Whether you’re creating a Web site or modifying an existing
one, it is very likely that you will need the portability and power of
JavaScript at some point. The Builder QuickStart Tool: JavaScript can get you up to speed
with its explanation of strengths and weaknesses, best uses, and lists of
relevant online and offline resources. You can download the complete free
QuickStart PDF from the Builder.com downloads page.


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