Have you missed any of the hottest technology development stories published in the past month? Builder Australia can help you keep in touch with the Top Ten stories of November.

Every month we bring you our most popular stories as viewed by our members. This month’s articles have covered a wide array of enterprise development issues, guides and tips.

Following the continued trend towards open source we are noticing at Builder Australia, readers showed great interest in Linux and Open source development. Creating a Linux boot CD was the highest ranking article of the month followed by our review of the Lindows operating system.

ZDNet Australia’s Builder Top Ten for November:

  1. Create a Linux boot CD

    There are three constants in life: death, taxes, and system crashes. All three may be inevitable, but at least you can recover from a system crash.

  2. Easy, breezy, beautiful Linux OS

    Lindows 2.0 is like Baby Bear’s porridge–it’s just right. This new operating system isn’t too hardcore for the average user, and it’s nowhere near as expensive to buy and operate as Windows.

  3. Jelly offers component-rich XML scripting

    Jelly is a scripting engine that turns XML into executable code. See how you can get started with this powerful tool.

  4. ROI analysis for Web services

    Learn the formula for calculating the financial metrics and the methodologies you can use to analyse your Web services ROI.

  5. Java and .Net both a disaster: research
    Still trying to decide whether your enterprise development architecture should be based around Sun’s Java or Microsoft’s .NET? Perhaps you should be more worried about whether either of them is going to work at all.
  6. Why you should move to C#

    The migration to the .NET platform offers many development choices. This top 10 list explains why C# is an important offering and why you should consider moving to C#.

  7. No training budget? Here’s help

    Keeping your development skills up to date is tough work. To help you fit more training into your tight budget, check out these free alternatives.

  8. Java Reflection API helps leverage the power of classes

    The Java Reflection API is a long-standing tool that opens the door to a variety of programming techniques. This walk-through will show you how to access class definitions at runtime.

  9. A feasibility study: Can you manage it?

    A feasibility study differs from typical project management in that it’s primarily designed to minimise risk instead of maximising resources.

  10. Borland retools JBuilder 8

    The Java tools market leader releases JBuilder 8, which is designed to offer better support for Web services and to make code management and debugging easier.

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