One of the challenges in having a subscription product like

TechProGuild associated with a site like TechRepublic is finding the proper

balance of content and service offerings that make it valuable and useful to

customers. As such, we like to constantly revisit the service to make sure what

we’re offering is proving itself useful to TechProGuild members. We like to add

new features, remove old ones, and change content offerings all towards the

ultimate goal, which is to help IT professionals save time doing their job –

whether it’s finding a solution, tool or whatever.

One of the core offerings of TechProGuild since its

inception is Tech Books. Tech Books is a service that TechRepublic obtains

through a partnership with Books

24×7 where we offer a subset of their technical library for usage by

TechProGuild members. Tech Books was a nice complement to TechProGuild

initially, but we’ve found that the vast majority of TPG members never used it. Additionally, because it’s in concert with another company we don’t have

as much control over it, which is why you may have noticed inconsistencies in

the look and feel of Tech Books when compared to TechProGuild. Therefore, when

our contract expires at the end of September, we’ll be no longer offering Tech

Books on our site.

If you’re already a TechProGuild subscriber, don’t worry. We

will still be doing the same kinds of content that you’ve proven to have found

valuable on TechProGuild. As a matter of fact, without the distraction of a

third-party service, we should be able to provide more and better content.

In the next few weeks, we’ll be making further changes to

TechProGuild, offering new features, removing others, and moving things around.

All the while in doing so, we hope to make this a service that goes further in

helping you get your job done better. If you have any ideas, you can let me

know just by emailing