Built.io launches new digital experience platform for sports fans

AI, VR, and AR are possible with the newest platform for sports brands. The Miami Heat and the Sacramento Kings are already using customized versions of the platform.

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Built.io announced a new digital fan experience platform on Tuesday that will allow sports franchises to improve how they connect with fans.

Earlier customized versions of the platform were used for the NBA teams the Sacramento Kings and the Miami Heat. The newest version is available for general use and provides a software platform to create and scale applications. The platform allows for digital innovation such as bots and artificial intelligence, as well as AR and VR, sensors, beacons, and drones so that sports brands can evolve fan experiences. The platform allows for delivery of content to laptops, mobile phones, smartwatches, VR headsets, and in-arena jumbotrons.

"Connecting our fans with the enhanced tech features of Golden 1 Center allows us to redefine the guest experience," said Ryan Montoya, CTO of the Sacramento Kings. "Built.io's platform allows us to hyper-personalize the fan experience with real-time information, right in our guests' hands. Together, we've re-imagined the sports app into a dynamic digital assistant, gaming platform, and remote control to the arena for our fans."

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Neha Sampat, CEO of Built.io, said that the timing of this platform release is ideal because every sports brand is seeking ways to improve the overall fan experience. Sports brands can access the personal data of fans who opt in to monetize the experience through what is offered, whether it's merchandise, food, or upgraded tickets.

"Whether it's football, soccer, basketball, cricket, ice hockey, car racing, or wrestling, the most successful professional and amateur sports brands are seeking ways to enrich their fan experience," Sampat said. The platform "allows teams to complement athletic action with technology innovation. Instead of a cookie cutter approach to apps or experiences, we offer tools to craft bespoke digital experiences that reflect the uniqueness of the fans, the venue, and the team's spirit."

Sampat said that Built.io is talking to major league baseball teams about using the platform, but cannot announce any partnerships yet.

Jim Lundy, CEO and lead analyst for Aragon Research, said, "Sports teams are increasingly competing not just on the field or in the arena. With billions of dollars being invested in smart stadiums and technology innovation sweeping across the sports sector, fans are becoming more demanding and discerning when it comes to their digital experience. Built.io is on the cusp of inventing a new category at the intersection of technology and sports--with both teams and fans standing to benefit."

The top 3 takeaways for TechRepublic readers

  1. Built.io has a new platform for the sports industry that will enhance the overall fan experience through AR, VR, and AI.
  2. The Miami Heat and the Sacramento Kings are two NBA teams that are already using customized versions of the platform.
  3. Teams will be able to better monetize the fan experience by accessing the data of fans who choose to opt in.

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