New developer site consolidates sample code, forums, videos and documentation into one spot for Business Objects developers.

Business Objects unveiled its new developer community site overnight, building on the popular Drupal open source content management system. The site was launched to provide a single resource for developers looking to integrate Business Objects technology, including Crystal Reports, into their own applications.

The site brings together sample code and applications for .NET, JSP, COM and Web-service developers as well as community forums and blogs from Business Objects developers. The documentation included on the site also includes a developer library, as well as white papers, technical guides, etc. and there are a number of videos highlighting developer features and topics.

The company also used the site launch to announce their intentions in respect to upcoming release of Crystal Reports for Eclipse. With the upcoming -Callisto” release of of Eclipse set for later this month, Business Objects will be releasing the final version of a Crystal Reports plug-in that will allow developers to create reports from within the Eclipse IDE, similar to how developers can now develop reports within Visual Studio.NET.

The Business Objects web site includes a download of a preview of the new plug-in, which you can get from here.