You can file this in the “Has it really gotten this bad” category. Business Week recently did a list of Worst Jobs with the Best Pay and lumped in with Embalmer, Long-Haul Trucker, Sewer Inspector, and Gastroenterologist (yuck!), Business Week also listed “IT Worker.” Interestingly, BW listed the average pay of an IT Worker as $103,400 (citing as a source). That number must have been counting Bill Gates and Larry Ellison as IT Workers and factoring their total compensation packages into the “average pay” for IT pros.

Business Week wrote, “Information technology is a high-demand field—and a demanding one. One survey this year rated IT as the most stressful profession. Four out of five IT workers said they feel stressed before they even get to the office, just thinking about spending another day on the phone with laymen, explaining where to find their computers’ off buttons.”