Few and far between are the movie geeks who don’t have a soft spot in their hearts for Terry Gilliam’s bizarre dark sci-fi comedy flick Time Bandits, which saw a group of mischievous dwarves steal a map of time and space from God and use it to try and get rich, dragging along a young boy in the process. Well, now you can own a copy of that map–co-designed by a Mythbuster! (Found via BoingBoing.)

It seems that special effects wizard, sci-fi nut, and professional TV star Mythbuster Adam Savage helped recreate this extraordinary collectible, based on the few on-screen shots of the map from the movie. The recreations are digitally printed on 40″x24.5″ canvas sheets, and will run you a cool $100 (includes shipping). But, really, how can you put a price on a map of time and space? Especially when it’ll let you steal all the money you need to pay for the map, and then actually let you go back and time and give yourself the money to buy the map in the first place. It’s a fool-proof business plan, so long as the ultimate evil doesn’t find you. Details.