Getting hold of the credit card-sized Raspberry Pi computer if you’re based outside of the US or the UK is not always straightforward.

Spin-off boards like the memory module-sized, $5 Raspberry Pi Zero and the recently launched $10 Zero W can be particularly tricky to source.

Now people living in 13 countries, including China, India, and Brazil, will be able to buy the Pi Zero and Zero W directly for the first time, after the Raspberry Pi Foundation added six new resellers for the Pi Zero.

These resellers will serve Hong Kong and China; Brazil; India; the Czech Republic and Slovakia; Slovenia, Croatia, Serbia and Bosnia-Herzegovina; Romania, Bulgaria and Hungary; and Mexico.

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The move coincides with the launch of the Raspberry Pi approved reseller program in 11 countries, the UK, Ireland, France, Spain, Portugal, Italy, the Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg, Greece and South Africa.

According to the Raspberry Pi Foundation, online stores that display the Approved Reseller badge below are those that make buying a Pi easy and that “represent Raspberry Pi products well”.

Over the coming weeks the program will be expanded, with Approved Resellers serving at least 50 countries worldwide.

The Raspberry Pi has been hugely successful since its 2012 launch as a low-cost board aimed at helping teach kids to code, with more than 14 million Pi boards sold.

This year saw the launch of the Raspberry Pi Zero W, a tiny $10 board that adds Wi-Fi and Bluetooth to the cheapest member of the Pi family, the Raspberry Pi Zero.

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