Buying IT hardware without a comprehensive plan can lead to cost and chaos

Standardizing IT hardware procurement based on a documented and repeatable process will prevent the loss of valuable time and resources.


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During the normal course of business, an enterprise will be required to procure a variety of assets, ranging from simple supplies to raw materials to equipment of all types. For the most part, purchases border on the mundane and routine, but procuring IT hardware for an enterprise raises a completely different set of issues that can be vitally important to business operations.

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According to CompTIA and its IT Industry Business Confidence Index, the 2018 consensus growth rate for the global IT industry is forecasted to reach 5%. CompTIA supports this forecast by citing IDC statistics that show the overall global market for the IT industry will top $4.8 trillion in 2018. Obviously, many enterprises will be making IT hardware purchases during the next year.

Standardizing IT hardware procurement based on a documented and repeatable process with an established chain of approval can reduce the likelihood of mishandled requisitions and loss of valuable time and resources. A strong hardware procurement policy in the form of a designated purchasing authority will ensure that requirements are followed and that all purchases are subject to the same screening and approval processes.

A comprehensive IT hardware procurement policy will benefit your organization by streamlining purchasing, implementing checks and balances, establishing standards to optimize your business model, and reducing fraud. The IT Hardware Procurement Policy available from TechRepublic's subscription sister site Tech Pro Research provides a basic template for creating your own standardized policy.

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Research shows that most enterprises will purchase new IT hardware in 2018. Making IT hardware purchases without a comprehensive plan can lead to a chaotic IT department, major long-term headaches, lost productivity, and an unnecessary loss of time and resources. It's time to standardize on an IT hardware procurement policy before it's too late.

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