Do you have real-world technology experience you’d like to share with the TechRepublic audience? Are you a CIO or VP of IS with valuable insight and management expertise? Have you recently completed a technology effort and would like to share your experiences? Have you discovered a great management resource, or approach, or a particularly effective project development strategy that you feel would help other tech leaders?

If so, we want to hear from you! Writing for TechRepublic is a great way to share your insight with peers and enhance the technology coverage within TechRepublic. And you can get paid to boot!

What could you write about for CIO Republic?
CIO Republic covers all aspects of IT leadership, management, and technology efforts that are advancing the business case these days. We offer articles, downloads, and discussions geared toward the interests and needs of the tech leader and executive.

What we’re eager to hear about, and learn about, are any new technologies you’ve implemented and your tips, insight, and lessons learned. Tell us the good and the bad sides of any tech effort, as each aspect provides valuable insight to peers and colleagues who are often grappling with similar initiatives and issues.

The following list describes the broad topic areas that CIO Republic covers and how you can make CIO Republic better than ever by contributing:

  • E-business: We’re hungry to provide articles on how companies are moving and advancing e-commerce platforms and initiatives, and the different technologies pulled into the mix, such as collaborate commerce.
  • Business strategy: CIO Republic knows that CIOs are no longer just technical advisors, but are executives who bring solutions to every aspect of the enterprise. Tell us how your business strategy efforts are paying off.
  • Technology: We provide information that helps tech leaders learn about new applications and implementations. By examining the hard lessons learned during these projects, we can pass on what your peers learned and would have done differently. CIO Republic also publishes articles about clever solutions that IT leaders have discovered while on the job. Ever work on a project that went particularly well? What about the ones that turned into your worst nightmare? Some of our most popular articles explain how IT professionals solve problems in their day-to-day work.
  • If any of the topic areas above remind you of an insight or an experience of your own, drop us a note and let us know what you’d like to write about.

How do we judge article submissions?
Our editorial staff reviews every article submission for accuracy and integrity. All articles should present their subject clearly, possess a logical structure, and be written in a conversational manner (as if you were speaking with a colleague). Every article must also meet the following “ATM” guidelines:

A is for audience
Is the topic appropriate for our audience of IT leaders? Put simply, our audience is you: the CIO, VP of IS—the tech executive. We assume that our audience is well educated, has a strong understanding of client technology, and deals with budgets, financial projects, staffing, and management issues.

T is for take-away
What new piece of information can a CIO take away from this article? Every article must contain information that an IT leader can use to improve his or her job or career. Even the best-written article will be sent back for a rewrite if it doesn’t contain vital and valuable information that CIOs can use.

M is for mission
Is the article on mission? Our mission is to help IT leaders with their daily jobs and overall careers.

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