Do you have real-world experience you’d like to share with the TechRepublic audience? Are you a support professional with valuable tips and tricks for troubleshooting the latest technology? Have you found a great training resource or a particularly effective user support strategy? If so, we want to hear from you! Writing for TechRepublic is a great way to earn some extra income, build your resume, and influence the direction of the TechRepublic content.

What could you write about for Support Republic?
Support Republic covers all aspects of IT desktop support, including software installations and upgrades, hardware reviews, training and career issues, and end-user support topics. We offer news, downloads, and discussions geared toward the interests and needs of the desktop support technician.

The following list describes the broad topic areas that Support Republic covers:

  • Software—Most support issues are a matter of software, and so we’ve made this a critical part of our technical coverage. From Excel to PowerPoint, you’ll find tips and tricks to make supporting the latest applications a snap.
  • Hardware—Support Republic offers product reviews and troubleshooting information on network cards, monitors, hard drives, and much more.
  • User Support—We provide information that helps you deal more effectively with the users you work with on a daily basis. You’ll find ideas for improving the utilization of your help desk, handling difficult users, and strengthening help desk/client communication.
  • Career—Whether you’re looking for advice on asking for a raise or the best training resources, Support Republic has the information you need. Be prepared the next time you tackle a tough career decision.

Real-life solutions
In addition to articles on the topics above, Support Republic also publishes articles about clever solutions that IT professionals have found while on the job. Ever work on a project that went particularly well? What about the ones that were particularly awful? Some of our most popular articles explain how IT professionals solve problems in their day-to-day work.

How do we judge article submissions?
Our editorial staff goes over every article submission with a fine-tooth comb. All articles should present their subject clearly, possess a logical structure, and be written in a conversational manner (as if you were speaking with a colleague). Every article is also required to meet the following ATM guidelines:

A is for audience
Is the topic appropriate for our audience of IT professionals? Put simply, our audience is you, the IT support professional. You may be a call center operator, field support technician, independent support contractor, or just someone who supports client-side technology. We assume our audience is educated, has a working knowledge of common client technology, is likely to support multiple workstations, and interacts with end users.

T is for take-away
What new piece of information can a reader take away from this article? Every article must contain information that an IT support professional can use to improve his or her job or career. It doesn’t matter how fascinating the article is, if it doesn’t contain information that someone can use, the article will be sent back to the writer for revision.

M is for mission
Is the article on mission? Our mission is to help IT professionals with their daily jobs and their overall careers.

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