In the past year or so, Web logs (or blogs) have really taken off. The availability of free or low-cost Web hosting, combined with the proliferation of easy-to-use tools such as Blogger and Movable Type, has put personal Web publishing within reach of anyone with a Web connection.

As you might expect, many people like to blog about technology concerns. There is a wide range of technology blogs; some are written by frustrated techno-newbies, while world-class developers or industry insiders write others.

To get a sense of the variety of technology blogs out there, here’s a sampling of ones I’ve visited:

Scripting News
Scripting News is one of the older Web blogs. Written by Dave Winer, this site is ostensibly about scripting languages, but it tends to be about whatever Winer is interested in at the time. Winer, by the way, was recently hired by Harvard University to oversee the implementation of blogs at the Cambridge campus.

Tim O’Reilly
Tim O’Reilly, the CEO of O’Reilly & Associates book publishers, runs his own blog, O’Reilly Network Weblogs. If you go to his site, you’ll see that that there dozens of blogs by O’Reilly authors and editors.

Macromedia Flash Community Manager (Mike Chambers)
Like O’Reilly & Associates, software company Macromedia also encourages many of its employees to run their own blogs. Mike Chambers aims his Mike Chambers Macromedia Flash Community Manager blog at Flash developers.

Windley’s Enterprise Computing Weblog
Phil Windley seems like an interesting guy. For the past couple of years, he served as CIO to the state of Utah. An open source advocate, he started Windley’s Enterprise Computing Weblog to discuss how IT issues affect governments and their technology departments.

Wi-Fi Networking News
Interested in Wi-Fi? The Wi-Fi Networking News blog is the place to start.

Jupiter Research Analyst Weblogs
Even the research firms are getting into the blogging act. Jupiter Research Analyst Weblogs is a listing of some of Jupiter’s blogs (some are updated more frequently than others).

What technology blogs do you read?
My list is a just a starting point, designed to show you the variety of technology blogs that are being published every day. I want to know what blogs you look at. E-mail me your list. List them as I have, with the name, the link, and a brief description of the content.

I’ll compile a list of the favorites, and we’ll publish it here at TechRepublic.

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