Calling all testers

If testing is your thing and you have a Friday night or Saturday to spare, there's a free conference in Sydney that may interest you.

Passionate about testing? Then you may want to register for CITCON (Continuous Integration & Testing Conference). The shindig occurs on the 27th and 28th of July, that's a Friday night and entire Saturday, so when we say passionate, we mean really passionate.

Event organisers are calling it an "OpenSpace" conference which means that there is no fixed agenda and attendees create the topics and sign up for them on the Friday night. This is akin to a large "birds of a feather" session that most conferences have.

Attendance is free and limited to 150 people with approximately 60 places remaining for the Sydney leg.

Conference organiser, Jeffrey Frederick, says the unique part about this conference is that attendees control the format and rather than paying to hear someone speak at you for an hour, you can sit beside them and interact with them -- and of course have a beer with them afterwards.

We'll drink to that.

-- Posted by Chris Duckett