Calm your first day of class jitters

Don't let the butterflies in your stomach get to you! Here's a tip from a reader on easing your teaching nerves.

You’ve got sweaty palms, you’re pacing back and forth, and your upper lip is quivering. It’s the first day of class, and you’ve got first-class jitters. We’ve all been there before, and some of us experience it every time we have to teach a new subject. How do you calm your nerves?

A reader asked this question in one of our TrainingRepublic forums. Another reader responded with detailed advice that everyone should remember.

Our reader wrote the following:

“I have a few suggestions. First, make sure you’re prepared. If you know the subject matter thoroughly, REVIEW it. Second, set yourself and the class at ease with a short joke about the subject matter. This will help you relax and take the edge off. Third, don't rush through the material. Nervousness may make you want to pass over points that are important; take a deep breath and take it easy. And last, make sure your students are getting the point by asking questions. Use this simple phrase I call "APPLE:"

A = Ask the question

P = Pause

P = Pick a person to answer

L = Listen to the answer

E = Emphasize what the student said right or wrong.”
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