Campaigns are catching up to the consumer: How AI is shaping the world of politics

L2's vice president of data Paul Westcott explains how automation will play a role in elections and political campaigns.

Why AI is the future of policy

Artificial intelligence, machine learning, data analytics are making their way into politics. TechRepublic met with L2's vice president of data Paul Westcott to discuss what role these technologies play in helping political campaigns effectively target messages and create strategies.

Only within the past few years have campaigns began utilizing these new technologies. Campaigns and politics are always behind the consumer. "There's no comparison between say what Amazon is doing versus what even a presidential campaign is doing," Westcott said.

However, campaigns have recently started realizing the value in predictive models, collecting data, pushing it into an algorithm or machine learning process, then gleaning insights from that data. "It's not seamless yet. We're working on it, and we're working on a few applications that are going to do that, but right now it's still somewhat of a cumbersome process, but it is being used in politics," he added.

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