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If you're looking for job articles from several popular programming magazines, is worth a visit. However, if it's a job you're looking for, don't count on this site. Read on to find out why it won?t replace any time soon.

It’s certainly easier to look for a job using the Web than it is to use the classified section of the newspaper: Web sites are easier to search and offer more timely information. General job sites such as and cover the entire employment spectrum, while and specialize in jobs for IT professionals and contract workers, respectively.

The most helpful job sites are the ones that center on one profession, such as Job seekers don’t have to wade through irrelevant information and can narrow the focus of their searches. This article will look at whether the site is a good tool for finding a new job in the development field.

Do you want any of these jobs? is a joint venture of five development magazines: Windows Developer’s Journal,Dr. Dobb’s Journal, MSDN Magazine, Software Development, and C/C++ Users Journal. The site includes both job listings and a collection of articles. While some of the information in the articles is timeless, most of the job listings are more than six months old.

The jobs page offers a search and list of participating companies. These companies include:
  • Boeing
  • Bateman Inc.
  • Riccione On-line CompuSearch
  • Scientific Placement Inc.
  • Singularis
  • IMRglobal
  • Household International

Some companies are represented by logos, some by simple hyperlinks. Clicking on a logo sends you to the company’s Web site. Clicking on the hyperlink of a participating company takes you to a list of jobs open at that company. At the time this review was written, Household International had three jobs listed—but all three were posted in September 2000.

Quality of job listing seems to vary with company. Some include information benefits and company culture, while others are quite terse, such as this one from Liquid Audio for a server software engineer:

“Skills: Develop technology that allows the integration of our services with merchant retail sites."

It looks like the site was launched last fall, and the job listings haven’t been updated since. In fact, about 90 percent of the listings were posted Sept. 1, 2000, aside from one that appeared Jan. 22, 2001, and one from Feb. 2, 2001.

The staleness of these listings is illustrated by the compensation offered for one job: “$75K–$90K + Pre-IPO Stock Options”—as if “pre-IPO” has any power of attraction any more.

Job listings on the individual sites seem more promising than the joint effort on The C/C++ Users Journal and the Windows Developer’s Journal share a job opportunities page, which was updated June 7, 2001, and which features jobs at UPS and PROdX. The other individual magazine sites don’t offer job listings.

The other big part of the site is a collection of articles on jobs and training, but even some of these are dated. A few are from as far back as 1997.

Search function no help either
There is no advanced search feature on, and the only two search parameters available are keyword and state. In addition to offering limited functionality, the site’s search feature returned bad information on two searches. A search for database jobs in Alabama turned up jobs in Lausanne, Switzerland, and Redwood City, CA. A search for XML jobs in New York state returned no replies, and a search for ColdFusion jobs in New York returned one ColdFusion job in Redwood City.

No bookmarking opportunities here
This site doesn’t deliver on its promise to serve as the ultimate job resource for professional developers, for whatever reason. Either the participating companies were not happy with the candidates they found through this site, or they didn’t find the site an effective recruiting tool. The participating magazines specialize in information on programming, not information on programming jobs, so it’s not surprising that they don’t have fresh leads to populate the site.

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