I read a News.com story this morning that really lit a fire under my butt, and so I intentionally refrained from blogging about it until later this afternoon. Frankly, I was a little concerned that I would rant in an inappropriate manner, and too many eyes would read it before I had a chance to simma down and edit my initial thoughts. The title alone is enough to re-ignite my fire: “Industry wants girls to stick to knitting.”

*deeeeeep breath*… This news story talks about how the tech industry has been very slow to hire or promote women to the position of CEO. “In the post-Carly era no board will give female candidates special consideration for a plum CEO vacancy in the tech world–not unless she’s a veritable Wonder Woman.”  

In a video interview, Autodesk CEO Carol Bartz discusses her opinion about the rarity of women in high-tech circles. According to Bartz, “It’s still a system…of white, male boards picking the people they’re most comfortable with, and I think that’s white, male executives. There still aren’t quite enough females that have reached the level of exposure that boards want to take a risk – and a lot of times, unfortunately, the jobs they get are the ones that some of the guys won’t take and so then they go find… the women will step and say, “I’ll fix that,” and that’s somewhat unfair too… and so we’re doing high-wire acts all the time.” Bartz doesn’t see this changing in the near future.

I have never desired an executive position, mostly because I think the majority of executives have to wear uncomfortable clothes Monday through Friday. However, this article makes me a tad more uncomfortable than any pair of dress pants and blouse ever could. Today, News Editor…. tomorrow, CEO.

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