Here’s a story that many of my colleagues will appreciate: “Can Google beat the new-office curse?”

According to the article’s summary: “Google is following in the high-tech footsteps of many Silicon Valley companies before it by dreaming big and building or leasing large new offices to accommodate a swelling employee roster.” Here’s my take: Back in the day, many IT companies established their headquarters in snazzy (read = expensive) buildings, but when the dot-com boom fizzled and their shizzle was dizzled, the buildings were vacated or leased out to organizations that were still thriving.

At TechRepublic, we have a different version of this story. We have moved buildings only once in the past 7 years, but ever since we moved into the new building, there’s been a serious cube-moving frenzy that’s way out of control and must be stopped! I have personally moved cubes four times in the past two years, and my manager informed me that I will be moving again before the year’s end. Can TechRepublic beat the new-cube curse?