A new solution from HERE Technologies, Shield, and Infosys aims to help companies develop a cost- and time-effective strategy for 5G deployment and design, according to a Tuesday press release. The solution, which will be demoed at Mobile World Congress 2019 in Barcelona, will save mobile network operators (MNOs) time and money when planning 5G radio frequencies.

This solution is both timely and cost-efficient, since the 5G rollout is expected to require a $2.7 trillion investment by 2020, according to a recent Greensill report. Occupying the majority of those funds will be integral infrastructure upgrades, estimated to need $1 trillion for execution, the report found.

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The three companies predict that the solution will be able to help enterprises reduce the time it takes to identify real estate acquisition for 5G small cells, along with cutting the cost of RF designs by at least 40%, the release said.

This solution uses a unique mixture of technologies: Machine learning software and service delivery framework from Infosys, RF and C-RAN design from Shields, and 3D datasets from HERE, the release added.

“The combined HERE, Infosys and Shields solution will enable centralization and streamlining of many of the traditionally labor and time-intensive tasks associated with 5G cell site selection via the 3D digital site survey,” said Michiel Verberg, senior manager at HERE Technologies, in the release. “It’s a cost-effective means to simplify 5G RF engineering and network planning processes. This accelerates time to service not only for MNOs but enterprises looking to build out 5G in factories, ports and other sites.”

HERE’s experience working with extractive features and 3D derivative objects will produce increased precision in RF planning for 5G mmWave networks, according to the release. This means the mmWave RF planning process will be significantly more efficient, and also allows for MNOs to cut costs by decreasing the number and length of physical site surveys.

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The big takeaways for tech leaders:

  • HERE Technologies, Shield, and Infosys announced their recent partnership to decrease costs of 5G network deployment.
  • Their solution merges machine learning software, RF and C-RAN designs, and 3D datasets to lower both the cost and time needed to implement 5G tech.