This is off topic but I thought some people might find the beauty in it. My daughter is 3.5 years old and the sweetest little thing. The other day, we were playing with the Justice Leage super heroes when she told me that she lost Wonder Woman. I told her that mommy would help her find her later. We continued to play. I was the Green Lantern and she was Batman. When we play super heroes, there is no violence at all. Actually, in her words, she had Batman say to Green Lantern, “Please make sure you eat healthy foods or you will be sick, Green Lantern.” Of course I responded with a “yes maam.”

Later that day, I had some things to take care of so I left my house in the batmobile and I got a call from my daughter and she said in the most exciting voice ever, “I have found Wonder Woman Daddy, I found her.” I said, “Good girl, we will play with her later.” She went on to say, and held Wonder Woman in front of the phone (wife told me) and said to me, “Daddy, Daddy, I found her, I found her, can you see her on the Internet?”