Most Office users learn about the [Ctrl]+A keyboard shortcut quickly. This shortcut selects everything in the current document. It’s the shortcut counterpart to the Select All command on the Edit menu.
If you like the menu route, it’s a bit harder to find in Office 2007—but not terribly. It’s on the Home tab in the Editing group. Click the Editing dropdown arrow, then click the Select dropdown arrow to find Select All.

Equally as interesting are the new selection items:

  • The Select Objects command lets you select all the objects in the current document, and it’s a good thing it’s there as grouping objects no longer works consistently. There’s a long boring technical excuse and knowing it really won’t help you get your work done, but in a nutshell (I knew you’d ask) Word 2007 simply didn’t get all the new bells and whistles that come with the new graphics engine. You can still group objects to select them all, but this editing option is quicker than the grouping alternatives.
  • The third option, Select Text With Similar Formatting is another option that you might look for elsewhere, but you won’t find it in the Styles group. Actually, this placement in the Editing group makes good sense, but it’s one of those options that could belong to either area.