Pascal Brosset is the EVP and CTO for Capgemini. During LiveWorx 2018, he spoke with TechRepublic’s Alison DeNisco Rayome about his advice for manufacturers working on IoT projects. Read the transcript below.

Pascal Brosset:IOT, or, more specifically, Industry 4.0, is mostly about the different way of managing operations. It’s using data to manage operations and get additional efficiency and flexibility out of those operations.

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And the main challenge is that this requires a very profound evolution of management practices. Lean has established the first foundation, which is this culture of continuous improvement.

Now, it’s about supporting this with data. And, it proves to be an even bigger challenge because managers have to give away their most precious asset, which is intuition management, to go to data-led management, and it’s very challenging.

What doesn’t work is believing that somebody else, you know, the data scientist or whoever, is gonna use technology and do something magical. No. It is about a conversation between the process engineer and the manufacturing managers. And, the people who understand data.

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We can really work together so that the intuition of … Which, is still very needed, the intuition of the manufacturing manager or the process engineers is actually reinforced by data, and that, little by little, understand that data is not a threat to their manufacturing prowess. We’re actually a support.