I do a lot of web research, and a lot of it takes place on my iPad. However, I hadn’t found a solid solution for using my iPad until I was introduced to CaptureToCloud. This free cloud service allows you to browse, share, and capture your entire CaptureToCloud library from any smartphone or tablet. They also offer paid subscription options.

The free CloudToCapure iOS app includes the following features:

  • Capture web pages while browsing the web from your iPad. Any content you capture from a mobile device is accessible using a PC or other device.
  • Use a CleanView option on-demand to save a clean version of the web page.
  • Create topical categories by content, which is especially useful for setting up research files by project.
  • Share content from your iPad or other mobile device whether you are online or offline with anyone (they don’t have to be a CaptureToCloud user).
  • Full access to all of your CaptureToCloud content from your iOS device.

While the CaptureToCloud app runs on the iPhone, it’s much easier to use on an iPad.

Get started

I suggest familiarizing yourself with CaptureToCloud and its features before using the iOS app.

To get started:

  1. Setup a free CaptureToCloud account
  2. Download the free CaptureToCloud app from the App Store
  3. CaptureToCloud gives you the option to login using your Google account or set up a new CaptureToCloud account
  4. After you tap Accept to accept the Terms of Service, the CaptureToCloud main screen will appear (Figure A)

Figure A

The CaptureToCloud main screen.

Capture a web page

Using CaptureToCloud on the iPad means opening the CaptureToCloud app instead of mobile Safari when you’re reading web pages.

To capture content:

  1. Type the URL of the web page you want to capture into the browser field (Figure B shows a web page open in CaptureToCloud)
  2. Tap the Action button on the right side of the screen
  3. From the next menu, tap Capture Web Page, and the captured web page will appear in the Inbox

Figure B

A web page open in CaptureToCloud.

Any links in the page you capture are live when you access the content in the CaptureToCloud app.

View in Safari

You can also switch over to the Safari browser to view the content you want to capture.

To view a page in Safari:

  1. Tap the Action button
  2. When you tap View in Safari, the web page you’re viewing in the CaptureToCloud app opens in Safari.

Upload a photo

If you capture photos, such as white board drawings or equipment racks, you can also capture photos using CaptureToCloud.

To upload a photo:

  1. Tap the Action button
  2. Tap Upload a Photo
  3. Tap Continue to confirm the dialog box
  4. Tap OK to let CaptureToCloud access your photos (your photos will now be accessible to CaptureToCloud)
  5. Tap your camera roll or other photo album to open it in the Choose a Photo dialog box (Figure C)
  6. Figure C

    Choose a Photo dialog box.
  7. Tap the photo(s) you want to upload to CaptureToCloud (a red check will appear on the lower right corner of the image)
  8. Tap Upload
  9. Type in a title for the photo
  10. Tap Upload This Photo
  11. Tap OK when the Image Saved dialog box appears

Create a new collection

Think of collections like file folders for your captured content by project for later review.

To create a new collection:

  1. Tap the Action button (on the left column of the screen)
  2. Tap Create a New Collection (the Name the new collection dialog box will appear similar to Figure D)
  3. Figure D

    Enter the name of your new collection.
  4. Type a name for the new collection in the Name the new collection dialog box
  5. Tap OK, and the new collection will appear in the left column

Manage your CaptureToCloud inbox

Tap Inbox to open your CaptureToCloud inbox. Next, tap the Action button on the right column. You’ll notice some additional options for managing your CaptureToCloud inbox:

  • Tap Share to share the captured content with another user via email
  • Tap Move to move the captured content into a collection
  • Tap Copy to copy the captured content into a collection
  • Tap Delete to delete the captured content from the inbox

CaptureToCloud from the iPad

The combination of CaptureToCloud and the iPad can free you up to capture online research without resorting to a PC. If you do a lot of online research, and you want to use your iPad more, I recommend checking out CaptureToCloud and their CaptureToCloud iOS app.