TechRepublic’s Geek Gift Guide not only keeps the TechRepublic community informed about the coolest and geekiest gifts on the market, but it also gives the TechRepublic editorial staff a chance to play with and check out these goodies first hand. This was the case with the CanvasPop photo printing service, which was reviewed by Senior Editor Selena Frye.

[Update 1/5/12: We previously stated that the $100 off gift card was for CanvasPop, but it’s actually for DNA 11 (see description below). The 1st and 2nd place winners will be given the option for this gift card. We apologize for any confusion.]

According to Selena, “With CanvasPop, you can upload any digital image and turn it into an actual piece of art, printed on archival quality canvas… You also can’t argue with the guarantee — if you don’t like it, they’ll re-print it or give you your money back. They also offer a lifetime guarantee against cracking, fading, or bubbling.”

Shortly after publishing the review, CanvasPop sent us some gift cards for 15% and $30 off custom canvas prints. They also included a $100 off gift card for DNA 11, which uses genetic science to create unique custom art. Of course, our editorial integrity prevents us from scooping these up for ourselves, so we thought we’d offer them to the TechRepublic community!

Starting today, we’re opening a photo challenge for the folks who are interested in the CanvasPop experience and would like a chance to receive one of these gift cards. When Selena ordered from CanvasPop, she used a photo that she had taken with her iPhone, and previous photo challenges on TechRepublic have been exclusive to camera phones, but we are opening the photographic lens wide to include all types of photography. The only requirement for this challenge is that the photo(s) you submit are original (i.e., taken by you).

Please send your original photo(s) and your TechRepublic username to trol at We will accept submissions until Friday, January 27, 2012 at 5:00 PM EST. Our three favorite photos will then be selected from all of the entries, and the respective community members will receive the CanvasPop or DNA 11 gift cards. Good luck, and happy snapping!