2001 was a rough year for the economy. Tech workers were hit especially hard when the dot-com bubble burst and spread a pall over the broader technical marketplace. Was it any surprise, then, that some of the most read columns by Tech Watch columnist Bob Weinstein involved career issues?

Just in case you missed these Tech Watch gems, here’s a rundown of the most popular Tech Watch columns for 2001.

Getting ready for that next hiring wave
Even if you aren’t actively hiring, it’s always good to have a plan in place for that next growth cycle—especially since today’s economy pundits claim that the recession is subsiding. What market areas will spike this year? For which specialties will demand wane? What skills are going to be scarce, and will you need someone with those skills? Get the answers to all those questions in Weinstein’s fifth most popular Tech Watch column “Hot and cold careers: A staffing forecast.”

Displaced workers have rights too
It’s bad enough that many jobs were lost in the early half of 2001, but it’s worse still that many employers conducted their downsizing operations in a less-than-diplomatic manner. If you were fired under unorthodox pretenses, you could have grounds for a wrongful-termination lawsuit against your former employer. Weinstein’s “Know your rights if you’ve been terminated,” which landed in the number four slot for 2001, examined the rights of a terminated employee and offered rules of thumb for determining whether you have been wrongfully terminated.

Where have all the dot coms gone?
It’s all old news now, but there was a time when the dot-com cathedral was crashing down around us, and the demise of a dot com was front-page news. In his column “A cautionary tale of dot-com ineptitude,” Weinstein relayed the story of the meteoric rise and subsequent fall of theglobe.com, which had set IPO records in 1998. This column took third place and was the only noncareer column that made it onto Tech Watch’s best-of list.

What makes a good manager?
Do technical people uniformly make bad managers? How can you tell whether that new IT manager you hired has “the right stuff”? These are important, persistent questions facing CIOs and CTOs, and “How to evaluate potential management talent,” the second most read Tech Watch column for 2001, relayed the marks of a good manager.

What was your favorite Tech Watch?

Did you have a favorite Bob Weinstein Tech Watch column from 2001 that you saved or shared with a colleague? Send our editors an e-mail to let us know which column you liked best and feel free to suggest any new topics you’d like to see Weinstein cover in the coming year.

A tale of two displaced CIOs
And (drumroll, please…) the number one Tech Watch column for 2001 was a story of success, fortitude, and determination. “Coping with a layoff: Heed warning signs of failure” relayed the stories of Jack Gillenwater and Susan Daniher, two CIOs who lost their jobs but were lucky enough to see misfortune coming and managed to land on their feet. Find out what events tipped these two leaders off to their impending career change, and learn how they survived professionally.