I’m often approached by companies who want a coach to work with individuals who aren’t thriving in their particular role within the company.  Usually, the contact is thru the HR department, although more and more it’s coming from an enlightened superior who recognizes that any person who isn’t doing well can get solid benefit from a trained third party.  Additionally, I also get contacted directly by individuals who know that they are stalled, in need of a ‘business partner’ who they can brainstorm with, or perhaps they’re in danger of being fired. 

Regardless of how we connect; more often than not, I find that the person I am working with has no clear Purpose. 

Great organizations have a purpose.  They survive and thrive because they provide a service, or a product, that is valuable to some market.  And when they cease to satisfy the market’s demands they disappear.

It’s the same for human beings. (Even more so with the increase of outsourcing that I forecast for the next levels of managers and professionals who until now have been unscathed.)  If we are doing something which isn’t satisfying us, at some point we just go on autopilot.  And even the best fakers end up getting busted sooner or later.  I’ve seen it over and over during my 30 years in business and coaching.  

Do you know your Purpose? If not, get on it. If you are ‘going thru the motions’ for money, that can be enough for a while; but it never lasts. 

If you have no passion for what you are doing, take some time to figure out what is important to you.  I know this is may be a foreign concept – even a bit ‘new age’ for some readers. I hear about it because in my online coaching program, the first few courses are entirely dedicated to to taking a hard look at what really motivates us.  And I get feedback from people asking if it’s necessary.

However, by the end of the program, almost 100% of the comments are positive and a really high % say that they are now performing at a much higher level as a result of defining their Purpose.  It’s caused some people to quit the jobs they were in; but in the long run that’s better for both the employee and the employer.  So, next time you start thinking about what you ‘could’ be doing or ‘should have done’ in the past; take that as a clue. Give yourself a shake and have an honest conversation with yourself.

When you have a Purpose – you win, your friends and loved ones win, and your company wins.

                                                             – john                                 

                                                            Career Coach