We don’t watch much TV or many DVDs during the summer around here, what with the organic orchard, gardens (we sell organic produce through a local supermarket) and all the fences to keep up, but we catch up in the colder weather except for the couple of weeks when all the lambs get born – there is NOTHING as much fun as having 30 lambs running around and over you in a cozy barn.

That is by way explanation for why we are only now seeing CARS.

It is a must-see for NASCAR fans, and a lot of our neighbors have NASCAR flags flying so I don’t bad mouth it around here.

In fact, my lady is a big fan and I write for a local magazine which carries a NASCAR column – heck, I even built a dirt track car once but I just keep going back to the slightly more comfortable American muscle cars and Italian exotics for myself and I NEVER watch NASCAR, it just seems too much like slot car racing. Having been a pit crew member in the SCCA I do look up when someone pits, but round and round and round, just doesn’t excite me.

Now for the review which, once again, I am mostly posting to give other geeks a chance to comment on the movie.

I found it highly entertaining – the animation was awesome and anyone with the slightest interest in animation or cars should rent this DVD – it is not just for kids (heck, we don’t even keep goats.)

My lady really enjoyed it but for some reason didn’t recognize Doc’s voice.

We have a strange dicotomy when it comes to actors. I can’t tell one young actress from another by looking at them, but I can identify thousands of actors by their voices.

My lady is the exact opposite.

Heck, she didn’t even recognize The Cable Guy.

But both of us give a BIG thumbs up to CARS.

If it weren’t illegal I would have copied CARS using my Sony DVD recorder and a little GoDVD gadget which is intended to “enhance” old video tapes and DVDs, NOT to remove the copy-block, although I have heard that it somehow does that too – wouldn’t know from experience of course, but that’s what I’ve heard.