Recently, we asked you to nominate your favorite tools in seven categories for our first-ever Readers’ Choice Awards. Thanks to your suggestions, we added at least two nominees to each category, and we’re finally ready to open the voting. You can find the survey here. Before you proceed to the voting booth, please feel free to look over our final nomination list, which appears below. Where possible, we’ve included a link to product Web sites so that you can find out more about unfamiliar tools.

Voting Other and Abstain

Each category has both an Other and an Abstain option. If your favorite tool does not appear in the nomination list, vote Other. That will work like a vote for a write-in candidate. Then, take a moment to e-mail us (look for the link at the top of the survey) with the name of your choice so that we can add it to next year’s nominations. Please remember to tell us which category your Other vote applies to.

If you have little experience with tools in a particular category, or you don’t have a strong feeling for any of the nominees, just choose Abstain to cast your vote for none of the above. We’ll use Abstain votes and reader feedback to gauge the popularity of our award categories.

Best Java IDE

Best Java Application Server

Best Windows Development Tool

Best Web Development Tool

Best Linux IDE

Best Mobile Development Tool

Best Modeling Tool

Let the voting commence!
The voting booths are now open, so please step right this way to cast your ballot.

Categories and nominees for next year’s award

Suggest a new category or nominee to include in next year’s Readers’ Choice Awards. If you don’t ask for it, you won’t see it, so send us an e-mail!