Forget about the Emmy, the Grammy, the Oscar, and the Golden Globe Awards… It’s time for cyber-fans to vote for their favorite nominations in this years’  Webby Awards. Get the full scoop in this article: “Webby Awards hit ripe old age of 10.”

What’s a Webby Award? According to the Webby Award home page, it’s “The leading international award honoring excellence in Web design, creativity, usability, and functionality.” The article goes on to explain, “Awards will be granted in 65 categories, including activism, banking and bill paying, celebrity/fan, humor, personal Web site, science and more.”

The nominees for this year were recently announced. What’s even better is that you still have time (until May 5, 2006) to register and vote for the Webby People’s Voice Awards.

“Among those sites lauded for being ‘weird,’ in a good way, are the Boneless Pig Farmers Association Of America, Car Stuck Girls and urban-legend tracker” Of course, I had to check out each of these sites. I had heard about, but the other two were … what the… ??!!  “Weird” is putting it mildly.

The 10th Annual Webby Winners and Webby People’s Voice Winners will be announced on May 9, 2006, but the actual awards ceremony won’t take place until June 12th, 2006. I’ll be sure to revisit this blog afterwards and include some of the results. If you have any guesses on which sites will win, be sure to post them here. Are there any sites that didn’t make the cut that you think should have been sure-fire nominees?