LCA is over for another year, but if you were like me, and couldn’t get to this year’s event despite desperately wanting to, then you should head over to the LCA 2013 video listing.

This year, the videos arrive in a choice of two formats: a freedom-loving Ogg Theora option; and a patent-encumbered, but iOS-compatable, mp4 option.

Unfortunately, the keynote presented by Sir Tim Berners-Lee and the presentation by the Defence Signals Directorate (DSD) are not available due to LCA not having permission for those talks.

If you get a taste for LCA content, be sure to go up into the parent directories to check out videos of talks from 2005 onwards. But you will need to be able to play Ogg Theora videos (I recommend VLC if you do not have a media player capable).

One session I enjoy every year is the lightning talks slot, and this year’s talks were no exception. 2014 will be held in Perth.

What do you think about LCA supporting non-free video codecs? A sign of Linux Australia trying to expand its audience, or a submission to the Apple juggernaunt? Post your conspiracy theories and/or thoughts below.