TechRepublic’s sister site BNET is to managers and business professionals as TechRepublic is to IT leaders and IT pros. It digs beneath the daily rush of news to provide actionable information that can help you be more effective at work.

Now BNET and CBS (disclaimer: both TechRepublic and BNET are owned by CBS Corp.) are preparing to launch a new site called that will offer pragmatic advice to help manage your career, your income, and your financial future. Obviously, the timing is not a coincidence. We are in the midst of an extremely challenging economic environment that is endangering job security, devaluing 401K accounts, and putting future plans for education and retirement at risk.

Greg Mason, Senior Vice President of TechRepublic, ZDNet, and BNET, said, “Many people are still in shock because of recent financial events, and as a result they have a strong desire to become actively engaged in all facets of their finances. will stand out for its relentless focus on helping people determine what they can believe these days and what they need to do now to manage their finances and take control.”

MoneyWatch will offer its information in a multimedia experience that spans the Web, television, radio, and the smartphone. Here are the summary of the site’s official charter and descriptions of its five sections:

The goal of is to help you build and preserve wealth, from the day you earn your first paycheck to the day you spend your last dime, or leave it to your heirs. The process begins with smart decisions about your most important asset, your earning power, and moves on through a lifetime of choices about saving, spending, investing, and planning for retirement

  1. The Big Picture –Draws the connection between people’s lives and the massive economic changes now in motion. It seeks to answer three questions for the audience: what’s happening, what it means, and what people should do about it.
  2. Human Capital – Starts with the premise that a person’s most valuable financial asset is their earning power. Using expert interviews, case studies and a signature “human capital value ticker,” this section will cover topics including career strategies, income security, work/life balance, and health.
  3. Cash Flow – Focuses on the everyday money choices that people have to make. Topics include managing debt, minimizing taxes, paying for college, and enhancing the value of one’s home.
  4. Investing – Features signature columnists and bloggers who will help people make smart, strategic choices about the preservation and growth of their wealth. The emphasis will be on realistic, low-risk strategies.
  5. Your Future – Helps people create a plan for financial independence. It will include retirement planning and Q&As with well-known wealth managers, helping people stay on track for the long-term.

The video clip below offers a quick introduction to MoneyWatch. You can also go to to sign up for an alert when the site officially launches this spring.