I’m curious to know how Geekend readers are celebrating the 40th anniversary of the Apollo 11 lunar landing mission. I considered seeing the new sci-fi film Moon or going to the celebration at the local planetarium this evening.

What about you? Are you building your own Apollo 11 landing computer, getting out your telescope, watching documentaries about the space program, ignoring all the coverage, or none of the above?

If you happen to be surfing online for profiles, photos, and videos about the event, here’s a roundup of recent space-related coverage from CBS Interactive.

ZDNet blogger Jason Perlow’s To the Moon series

He is profiling the key companies and the projects that made Apollo 11 a reality.

Jason poses these questions: Which companies and individuals do you think made the most significant contributions to the Apollo program? Who needs to be remembered? Share your thoughts in the discussion.

SmartPlanet blogger John Dodge’s NASA series

He writes about watching the landing: “I was 18 at the time and watched on a black & White 19-inch Philco TV (made in America – it was THAT long ago!) from my parents’ family room.”

Geekend readers discuss viewing the Apollo 11 footage

In this interesting discussion, Geekend readers discuss what they thought the first time they viewed the Apollo 11 footage. Member debbiesh describes how her father helped them get to the moon.

Photo galleries


Perennial favorites: Geek Trivia

It doesn’t seem right to talk about this milestone without featuring space-themed Geek Trivia from our good friend Jay Garmon.