It’s hard to imagine that cell phones could actually have more effect on the world than computers, but IBM software developer and blogger Sam Ruby made a great argument as to why this may actually be the case: “Does cell phone’s impact outweigh PC’s?

According to the Ruby, “It’s killing the landline; it’s killing watches; it’s changing the camera business; it’s changing the TV industry, the music industry… It’s destroying the pay-phone industry. It’s hurting the hotel industry [because they’re undermining a long-time source of revenue from premium phone calls] and putting the squeeze on universities.”  

It makes perfect sense that the more technological advances we see in cell phones, the more popular they’ll become. “In the future, [Ruby] said, cell phones will become even more important as gadgets for navigation, search and entertainment. Imagine MapQuest or Google in your ear, Ruby said, referring to people with cell phone earbuds. People could use voice commands to ask for directions, check gas prices or find deals at the grocery store.”

Will a cell phone eventually be able to do everything your computer can do? I think so, and perhaps more. Today, text messaging… tomorrow, maybe I’ll be able to use my cell phone to post a blog! 

Do you think cell phone’s impact outweighs PC’s?