As a news editor, I try to keep my finger on the pulse of technology that can help organizations do their work better, faster, or cheaper. I had an opportunity to catch up with Jeff Dirks, the CEO of SchemaLogic, to find out how his company is competing on these fronts. Listen to the podcast.

According to the Web site,

SchemaLogic provides global companies a powerful and cost-effective approach to dealing with the overwhelming amount of information critical to doing business today.

Some of SchemaLogic’s customers include IBM, Intel, and Associated Press. Most recently in the news, SchemaLogic signed a deal with Chevron.

So, what’s SchemaLogic’s secret sauce?

SchemaLogic provides Business Semantics Management (BSM) software for companies to manage and connect the different vocabularies used to describe information, aligning content management and search systems so people can find and share that information across their enterprise.

Find out what Jeff has to say about SchemaLogic’s solutions, which include enterprise vocabulary and metadata management, tagging vocabulary management, and taxonomy management.