Many organizations today are looking for ways to increase the quality of the learning in their companies. Skillful trainers can be a big help in making such improvements. At the same time, many trainers are looking for ways to enhance their skills, increase their value to their organization, or develop professionally to prepare for future assignments. The current wave of training certification is one answer to these goals. This week’s Web site,, describes one organization’s certification process.

A marketing Web site
This site is owned by a Florida consulting company called ALeSys. You can learn more about them on their Web site at Because I discovered this site through a “snail mail” marketing campaign and because the site’s main goal is to promote its certification program, it has a different focus than many of the sites that have been reviewed here.

A trainer certification process
This site walks you through their Learning Manager Certification program. The Web site describes how their certification differs from others in the marketplace, “… we provide an integrated process that includes much more than just attendance at seminars. Our certification process will transform you as a trainer and content expert into a learning manager.”

Marketing aside, it seems that their program is well designed and comprehensive, though not cheap. ALeSys prices the workshops individually—with the prices ranging from $396 for the optional one-day workshop to $1,710 for the four-day workshop. If your company chooses to have the training delivered in-house, the prices range from $3,100 to $8,500 for up to eight people. Businesses also have the option of certifying their own facilitator who can then deliver the training modules.

The site does a fine job of describing this program, which includes three phases:

  • Four training programs and associated assessments
  • On-the-job practice
  • Video demonstration and feedback

The four workshops
The certification program requires three workshops; the fourth is optional:

  • Managing the learning process effectively (4 days)
  • Effective classroom time management (1 day)
  • Effective coaching skills for learning managers (2 days)
  • Presentation and delivery skills for effective learning (optional, 1 day)

Each workshop is well described, and, from what I can tell, well designed. The workshop descriptions explain each session’s:

  • Purpose
  • Goals
  • Content
  • Description
  • Results
  • Audience
  • Length
  • Deliverables
  • Price

With a maximum class size of eight, the company seems committed to delivering personalized, skill-focused workshops. Each workshop is offered in a public seminar format in several locations around the country, and can be presented in-house as well.

On-the-job training
In this portion of the program, candidates develop an action plan for training sessions and do self-evaluations of these sessions. An ALeSys learning manager will provide feedback on the trainer’s work.

Video critique
In phase three, candidates submit a two-hour videotape of training sessions they have conducted. An ALeSys learning manager will evaluate the videos using 15 learning manager core competencies defined by ALeSys. The manager will provide feedback and coaching on the skills demonstrated in the video.

After completing all three steps, the candidates become ALeSys Certified Learning Managers.

The rest of the site
You also will find a list of benefits, testimonials, and further details about this certification. You can request additional information, obtain pricing and schedule information, and register for the program.

Final impressions
This framed site is well designed and pleasing to look at. (Be prepared to wait for the graphics to load, however, if you are connecting with a slow modem.) Since the site focus is entirely on marketing the product, the content isn’t as “deep” as I would like to see. However, the site does provide a good introduction to the certification, if you or your company is looking for a trainer certification program.

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