This morning’s first press event was LG Electronics. There was a lot of buzz around LG due to the Netflix partnership announced last week which will have the Netflix movie streaming service available in select LG products.

Despite having 3 Netflix executives in attendance, VP of Marketing Allan Jason offered no new information about the Netflix partnership. This was definitely disappointing since this was the main reason I (and many others) attended the event.

There was one interesting announcement made regarding mobile TV. Dr. Woo Paik, LG’s Chief Technology Officer, introduced a new technology called MPH (Mobile Pedestrian Handhelf) which “let’s you watch TV anywhere any time.” MPH uses the existing broadcast television infrastructure to deliver broadcast quality mobile TV to a variety of devices including mobile phones, laptops, GPS and automobile-based TV.

Along with Howard Lance, CEO of Harris Corporation, Dr. Paik demoed some working MPH prototypes including an MPH-enabled mobile phone and a USB stick for PCs.

According to LG, the benefits of MPH are:

  1. More coverage
  2. Lower cost for broadcasters and consumers
  3. More relevant local and national content

LG plans to roll out their first MPH devices in February 2009.