Sling Media just announced their new Slingbox PRO-HD that they will be unveiling at CES next week. Dave Zatz of Sling Media has the details on his blog and says:

The Slingbox PRO-HD ($399.99) will stream high-def video at up to 1080i and with 5.1 digital audio… We’re incorporating a digital tuner for ATSC and clear QAM content! Like the PRO before it, the PRO-HD will have multiple inputs (and outputs) to support a variety of HD and SD sources. Not only will we be able to placeshift HD to a computer, the PRO-HD can ship that high-def content off to another HDTV via the forthcoming SlingCatcher.

I’m meeting with Dave at CES, so I’ll be sure get photos and more details on the Slingbox PRO-HD. I have two Slingboxes of my own at home (the original Slingbox and a Slingbox AV) hooked up to TiVos. I really want something that will do HD as well.

I will also be meeting with the team from HAVA. Like Sling, they offer devices to placeshift your TV content. I am currently testing their HAVA Titanium HD which supports streaming your HD content at up to 8 mbps. I have it hooked up to a DirecTV H20 HDTV receiver. I’ve tested it quite a bit on my LAN at home. I am hoping to run it through its paces in Vegas to see how it does with remote access.

HAVA is also promising to make some announcements about new products that will extend their current product line. Look for more details and photos on those new products next week.

Are you using placeshifting devices like Slingbox or HAVA? Is HD support important to you?