One of the many things that Microsoft announced at CES was Power Pack 1 for Windows Home Server. Unlike a Service Pack which only includes fixes, the Power Pack 1 adds or extends the functionality of Windows Home Server.

Jason Hiner and I met with WHS product manager Todd Headrick yesterday afternoon and he walked us through the features included in Power Pack 1 (which are all outlined on the Windows Home Server blog in detail). Some of the new features include x64 Windows Vista support, improved user interface for remote access and support for a backup drive that sits outside the storage pool. This backup drive can be used to make a copy of your Windows Home Server’s backup database.

We were also able to pick up a copy of the book “Mommy, Why is There a Server in the House?” that Microsoft created as part of the Stay-At-Home Server marketing campaign for Windows Home Server.

Power Pack 1 will be available as a free download for existing WHS users in the first half of 2008.