CES 2015 was Jenny Lawton’s first CES as the CEO of MakerBot. In the midst of all the chaos of the world’s largest technology trade show, Lyndsey Gilpin and I sat down with Jenny and did a live interview on the CNET Stage to talk about the rise of 3D printing, the current state of the industry, and what’s ahead.

We’ve taken the 25-minute interview and broken it down into four video short clips of the interesting stuff we covered:

  1. Video: MakerBot CEO introduces new materials for 3D printing at CES 2015
  2. Video: Cool and unexpected uses of 3D printing, according to MakerBot CEO
  3. Video: 3D printing is bridging the gap between artists and scientists, MakerBot CEO explains
  4. Video: Who’s using 3D printers, according to MakerBot CEO

You can watch the entire interview on TechRepublic’s YouTube channel.