CES 2016: LG Display shows off displays that you can roll up, see through, and use in your car

LG Display showed off a ranged on unique OLED and LCD panels at CES 2016, from new curved panels for the car, to a flexible panel that you can roll up like a newspaper.

CES 2016: LG Display rollable OLED display panel

LG Display, the part of LG that manufactures LCD and OLED panels, showed of a host of futuristic displays at CES 2016. The coolest and perhaps most interesting, was an 18-inch OLED display that you can roll up like a newspaper. The screen has a resolution of 1200 x 810 pixels, a curvature radius of 30R and can be rolled up to a radius of 3cm. Although the "rollable" display is just a prototype, it's impressive to see how far flexible display technology has advanced since LG Display unveiled a 5.5-inch screen at last year's CES.

High resolution LCD displays for auto dashboards
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LG Display also showed off several automotive displays, including 12.3-inch WQHD+ and 8.8-inch FHD panels designed to be used in car dashboards. For automotive screens that need touch sensitivity, the company also showed off 10.25-inch FHD and 9.2HD panels include LG Displays AIT technology, which embeds the touch sensor inside the LCD panel, eliminating the need for a separate layer of glass on top of it.

To see all the unique LG Display screens we saw at CES 2016, check out our full gallery.

LG Display also showed me a 12.3-inch FHD pOLED automotive panel that can be curved. Being made from a plastic substrate, they are also last longer than traditional LCD screens and are less dangerous during a car crash.

Flexible pOLED automotive displays
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Curved screens aren't just for the dashboard. LG Display also had a 25-inch "waterfall" touchscreen that could be used in a variety of locations inside a car. Both the smaller touch screens and this larger one can be operated while wearing gloves.

25-inch curved automotive LCD touchscreen
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LG Display has shown of transparent displays before, but this 55-inch OLED display is one of the largest and provides 40% transparency compared to the 12-15% transparency you get with LCD panels. This display is designed for use in a commercial or retail setting, although it would also make a great addition to the door of my fridge.

55-inch transparent OLED display
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