CES 2019: Bell debuts full-size hybrid electric model of the Nexus flying taxi

Air taxis will take away some of the congestion for commuters in cities. Bell introduced the Bell Nexus air taxi at CES 2019.

CES 2019: Bell debuts full-size hybrid electric model of the Nexus flying taxi

At CES 2019, TechRepublic Senior Writer Teena Maddox spoke to Bell CEO Mitch Snyder about the Bell Nexus air taxi. The following is an edited transcript of the interview.

Today at the CES 2019, we announced our Bell air taxi titled the Nexus. And again, this is going to huge for urban air mobility. We've got a vehicle that's six ducted fans, capable of carrying four passengers and one safety pilot up front. Move people at a 150 miles range, 150 miles an hour. And do it in hybrid electrics.

These fans are electric powered. Working with all of our partners to create this amazing aircraft and we look forward to the future opportunities, but we're going to be developing this really soon and our target is to have the aircraft ready by 2025.

This will have a huge impact on the cities. If you look at the urban areas today, they're very congested. It's hard to get around the hub and spoke systems. Even with mass transit, it moves people to certain areas, but then it gets congested again trying to get away from the hubs. And so, what air mobility gives you, and especially the air taxi here, is the ability to fly over it all.

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And the other part that we're working on is, we wanted to be very transparent to the city. So again, it's going to be hybrid, hybrid electric. The ducted fans, it's going to be very quiet, clean and efficient when it moves. We start off hybrid electric. We eventually wanted to go fully electric, but we really want something that is very clean, efficient, quiet, and compatible to cities. But be able to unclog the cities, get the congestion out of there and move people through the skies. The vertical dimension is where we think we need to go next.

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