CES 2019: Blue launches Ember mic for content creators

Blue's Ember condenser microphone aims at content creators who want to take their audio recording to the next level.

Why CIOs should care about CES 2019

I remember when I started creating online content and got into video and audio production, mic options were a concern. I previously owned a desktop mic from Logitech that was good for video chat, but that's about it. Later research led me to the folks at Blue and its Yeti model. This USB-connected microphone offered stellar audio quality. It became a standard for content creators getting started with recording their voice.

As CES 2019 kicks off, Blue is playing off its Yeti roots and launching its new Ember condenser microphone aimed at content creators wanting to take their audio recording to the next level.

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About the Ember

With a focus on capturing superb audio, the Ember has a slim profile and a cardioid capsule that will be great for vocalist or voice recording while eliminating the vast majority of ambient sound. Of course, this works best as long as the vocals come directly within the cardioid pattern, and the ambient noise is not.

Unlike the Yeti that was supposed to be a pro-grade mic, the Ember uses an XLR connection instead of USB. This means the Ember must be connected to a device capable of capturing an audio signal such as a dedicated audio recording interface or mixer. Sure, this may not be convenient for an on-the-go content creator longing for the simple plug-n-play capability of USB, but XLR cables are more apt to provide a better audio signal, which is important for the quality of the final mixdown.

Image: Blue

Designed with creatives in mind

Want to start a new podcast? Have a knack for writing and singing songs? Are you walking around CES 2019 doing interviews? The Ember is a good fit. The smaller, slimmer profile and form-factor make the mic rather portable. It also has the ability to connect to most any mic stands. Although, the shock-mount option isn't as universal as it requires use with the Blue S3 shock mount. Shock mounts are used to help absorb mic vibration to help reduce accidental noise if the mic is tapped or bumped during recording.

Price tag and availability

The Ember is available for preorder starting at $99 with a delivery date during February. Is it time for you to upgrade your microphone? The Ember just may be a great option to consider for quality audio recording.

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