CES 2019: Canon Rayo S1 mini projector appeals to on-the-go lifestyle

Ultra-portable, lightweight device perfect for professionals, photographers, and everyone in-between.

Image: Canon

As part of my CES 2019 plans, I scheduled a meeting with the Canon team. Why? Because I'm a Canon shooter, of course. Well, that's not the only reason. I was interested in taking a closer look at the mirrorless model, EOS-R, and pick the brains of the staff on hand. This did not happen.

Instead, while chatting with the Canon team I was drawn to the latest Canon product that's not a camera or printer: The Rayo S1. That's right. I said the product that's not a camera or printer.

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The Rayo S1: A first look

The Rayo S1 is a mini projector with a 4x4-inch footprint. It's small and weighs almost one pound, which equates to an ultra-portable device for road warriors in the business world. Got a presentation planned on-site at a prospect's office? No worries. You can set up the Rayo S1 on-site and fire it off with your mobile phone to your screen within minutes.

"The average person's workday isn't the traditional nine-to-five within an office--it's early mornings, late nights and being on-the-go. In order to align with the consumer's needs, it is necessary to provide business equipment that matches the work lifestyle of today," said Kazuto Ogawa, president, and chief operating officer, Canon U.S.A., Inc. "With its sleek design and compact size, the Rayo S1 effortlessly fits into a consumer's work life as well as their home life."

Tech specs make this special

The Rayo S1 displays some nifty tech: Bluetooth and WiFi connectivity, 4GB internal memory, 3800mAh battery, and Android KitKat OS version 7.1.2 for a nice user interface that allows you to navigate on the screen similar to a smart mobile device. In addition to having a screen cursor, there's even a touchpad. A small speaker allows you to present using audio or mirror your favorite Netflix movie. But wait, there's more...

You can use the Rayo S1 with your camera via WiFi connectivity and the Canon Connect mobile app. This not only allows you to control your camera (via the app) but also present a live view from your camera. On your next portrait shoot, you can leave your expensive laptop and tether cable behind. No more tripping over your cable and laptop during a shoot or carrying the additional weight of your laptop in your bag. Brilliant!

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The Rayo S1 will be available as soon as it completes the FCC approval process. Upon release, the estimated retail price is $259.99. Canon expects the Office release to be in May 2019.

What are your thoughts on this product? Cannon clearly wants this product to appeal to anyone with the need to project images or video, which means not just an on-the-go sales person but even the local photographer posing a model for an image.

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