CES 2019: How innovation is driving TCL's brands

BlackBerry, RCA, Acatel and Palm are among the brands that TCL Communication owns and manufactures. Find out what's next in innovation.

CES 2019: How innovation is driving TCL's brands

At CES 2019, Stefan Streit of TCL Communication spoke with TechRepublic Senior Writer Teena Maddox about IoT devices and how innovation is driving TCL's brand. The following is an edited transcript of the interview.

TCL actually, this year at CES, is going to show a lot of new home appliance devices, but also TV devices on the show floor. But here at TCL Communication, we introduced two new phones on the Alcatel range for the 2019 portfolio. This is the 1X and the 1C, where we're gonna bring innovation into affordable price segments. The 1X is gonna bring a dual camera in the below 120 Euro or dollar price range and make it affordable for everyone.

And, we also announced something with BlackBerry that our Key 2 LE device is gonna be available at Verizon in the coming weeks. This for us is a very important step to bring the BlackBerry experience to more customers in the US.

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The BlackBerry is designated for enterprise use--and its productivity with the keyboard, but also with a very long battery, and it's the most secure Android smartphone, which is typically positioned for enterprise usage. And, we see more secure organizations which are using the BlackBerry devices again.

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So in the long-term, what you will see from TCL is... as we have our own display manufacturing in a sister company, we see there is a great opportunity in the next couple of years to bring new product innovation and new product use cases to the market. As soon as you have a flexible display which you maybe can fold or et cetera, we're gonna create new product form factors and it's gonna be much more innovation in the market.

In combination with 5G, you will see IoT devices or maybe small devices become big displays and vice versa--big devices that you can fold together in small devices. All these kind of things, we see a great opportunity. Having these expertise of display manufacturing in-house will give us a strategic advantage.

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We want to use, so to say as well, our pioneering experience from TCL from the TV side where we are worldwide the number three TV manufacturer. This will allow us to bring new stuff to the market which probably nobody has seen yet. And, we're very excited. This will take a bit of time. But also, when 5G is more established into the entire market, we believe that there are great opportunities for us to bring new product innovations.

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