CES 2019 innovation winners in dozens of categories have been announced. Lenovo gets the innovation award for computer hardware and components with its new Lenovo Yoga Book C930, a dual-display hybrid laptop that has one QHD monitor and one e-ink display.

One glance at the Yoga Book C930 makes it obvious how innovative it is, and its CES award description paints an even better picture: “The Yoga Book C930 is the world’s first dual display laptop with E Ink which turns into a dynamic, customizable keyboard at the touch of a button. Combined with Windows 10 and Intel Core processor performance in a thin and light form factor with great battery life.”

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The Lenovo Yoga Book C930: How it’s unique, and how it isn’t

The Yoga Book C930’s purpose is to be ultimately customizable. Its e-ink screen functions as a drawing surface, e-reader, notepad, and of course a keyboard.

The Yoga Book C930 is also quite thin and light at only 9mm thick and 1.71 lbs. Unfortunately, it has sacrificed a bit of battery capacity; it will only get up to eight hours of typical use, and 13 hours if only the e-ink display is on.

Its other hardware specs are typical for a hybrid laptop: Up to 256 GB SDD storage, 4 GB RAM, and a 7th gen Intel i5.

Who will want the Yoga Book C930?

Like many hybrid laptops, the Yoga Book C930 is a niche product. TechRepublic sister cite CNET’s review of the C930 was critical of the e-ink keyboard, saying it simply doesn’t match up to typing on the real thing.

The drawbacks don’t mean the Yoga Book C930 laptop won’t be a good choice for some professionals; its ability to quickly jump between tasks will be ideal for those looking for an alternative to onscreen drawing (à la the Microsoft Surface) or carrying multiple devices.

Creative professionals, or those who hop between tasks on a regular basis, will likely find the Yoga Book C930 to be worthy of its CES 2019 Innovation Award. People who that spend all day typing may want to stick to a more traditional laptop.

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The big takeaways for tech leaders:

  • Lenovo’s new Yoga Book C930, a dual-display hybrid laptop with an QHD screen and e-ink display, has won CES 2019’s hardware innovation award.
  • The device’s e-ink screen can switch between a keyboard, reader, drawing surface, and note tablet, and is ideal for those who perform multiple kinds of tasks throughout the day.