CES 2019: Samsung's new slim monitors increase desk space and ergonomic support

The UR59C and Samsung Space Monitor for professionals are intended to declutter your desk.

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Ubiquitous electronics maker Samsung announced new monitors geared toward productivity on Friday, ahead of CES 2019.

The first of the two new models for professionals is the Samsung Space Monitor, which places a premium on ergonomics and aesthetics over actual display technology—considering advances in display panels industry-wide, the key to differentiation is packaging panels in novel ways for professionals to benefit. For the Samsung Space Monitor, the focus is on adaptability.

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The Space Monitor is equipped with a "zero-level Height Adjustable Stand," which supports viewing from a height of 8.4 inches (213 mm) above the desktop to the surface of the desk, with the hinge touted as being capable of withstanding over 5,000 adjustments. This is achieved using a mount that clamps onto the underside of a desk. Samsung said this mount/stand combination increases desk space by reducing the size of the stand on the surface of the desk.

For aesthetics, Samsung noted that the Space Monitor has a "3-sided bezeless screen," and includes a single power/HDMI Y-cable which can be recessed in the monitor arm to prevent tangling and clutter. This cable management solution, combined with the design of the display mount, allows the Space Monitor to be stored flat against a wall.

The Space Monitor is available in 27-inch WQHD (1440p) or 32-inch 4K models, and features a VA display panel with 100% sRGB coverage, and a typical brightness of 250cd/m2. The 32-inch model is priced at $499, with the 27-inch model priced at $399. Both models are available for preorder on Amazon, and will ship on February 23.

Samsung also unveiled the UR59C, a 32-inch, 4K curved monitor, which the company claims is the world's first 4K curved monitor. It features a 1500R curvature and a fabric-textured backside, with a stand through which power and HDMI cables can be routed. Samsung is positioning the UR59C for content creators, though pricing and availability information were not disclosed in the Friday announcement.

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The big takeaways for tech leaders:

  • The Samsung Space Monitor features a desk-clamp adjustable hinge for versatility and increasing desk space. It is available in 27-inch WQHD (1440p) or 32-inch 4K models, and features a VA display panel with 100% sRGB coverage, and a typical brightness of 250cd/m2.
  • The UR59C is touted as the world's first 4K curved monitor. It is available in a 32-inch, 1500R curvature.

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