CES 2019: Will this ultra-thin portable monitor be the paper of the future?

Faytech's Lapscreen weighs less than 1 lb and is the size of a sheet of paper, and could be a useful tool for traveling business professionals.

CES 2019: Will this ultra-thin portable monitor be the paper of the future?

At CES 2019, Faytech unveiled its Lapscreen, a super thin, lightweight portable monitor that the company touts will be the paper of the future.

Users can connect the 12.5-inch Lapscreen--about the size of a standard sheet of paper--to their mobile phone, tablet, or laptop with only a USB Type-C or HDMI cable.

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This could be a great solution for business travelers who need to pull up a presentation without carrying around a full laptop or other equipment, or professionals who like to have the option of extra screen space. Weighing about 0.8 lbs with a screen that is less than 4mm thick, the idea is for professionals to be able to carry the monitor around in their bag like a folder.

The Lapscreen has a full HD panel with no bezel on the sides or top. It is available in a 10-point touchscreen or non-touchscreen version. The touchscreen version allows users to essentially turn their smartphones into a keypad. The device can stand up like a conventional monitor, or lay down like a tablet or piece of paper.

A 12.5-inch Lapscreen touch monitor costs $265, while a 12.5-inch non-touch monitor costs $200.

Other companies, including Sony and Royole, have also released products aimed at helping professionals who want to go paperless. It remains to be seen how popular these products will become in the enterprise.

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The big takeaways for tech leaders:

  • At CES 2019, Faytech announced its thin, portable monitor, the Lapscreen.
  • The Lapscreen could be a useful lightweight option for traveling business professionals.

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